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Rich & Renee Test Out Big Guns on American Guns TV

This is a new gun show I have been watching lately, have you seen it yet?

Colorado– ( – This week on AMERICAN GUNS, Rich Wyatt wants to prepare himself and his wife Renee for an upcoming holiday to Alaska by testing out guns that could help them must they come across dangerous animals.

Renee frets the weapons will certainly be too powerful for her, but Rich is positive she can easily handle the tools.

“It was an actually encouraging experience to shoot the BFR for the first time and have no difficulty with it at all,” stated Renee Wyatt.

“Being well trained and armed as a lifestyle has made me a fairly confident individual in general, however I have to acknowledge, seeing that massive pistol was intimidating. I was pretty sure I can fire it effectively, and shoot pretty well in fact, but I did have this unpleasant feeling in that back of my mind that said, ‘Just what are you thinking Renee … that weapon was absolutely constructed for a guy.’ Well, perhaps, not so much any longer!”

An additional week brings an additional obstacle for the Gunsmoke staff members, and Civil War enthusiast Jeff presents them with a big one. Jeff is looking to purchase a functional double-barreled Civil War canon. Rich jobs his personnels with solving the 150-year-old issue and developing the world’s very first safe and practical double-barreled canon.

As a compromise, Ann and Jesse enroll in a Gunsmoke protection and shooting class to help them much better understand firearm fundamentals. Rich and Renee even guarantee to customize the Csincsaks’ matching Smith & Wesson.38 pistols so they’re beginner-friendly.

Constantly planning to cultivate healthy and balanced competition among his workers, Rich asks 2 gunsmiths to each customize one of the Csincsaks’ guns. Whoever crafts the remarkable gun, to be figured out by the entire Wyatt clan, will certainly win a much-desired reward– the Mossberg 930 semiautomatic shotgun.

Tune in for an all-new episode of AMERICAN GUNS this Wednesday at 9:00 pm ET/PT.

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